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Course Description

Social Media Marketing Course Overview

Social Media is rapidly positioned itself as an integral part of everyone’s life, and it also has changed traditional marketing methods. It is easy to get in touch with people with similar interests on social media platforms. Social media marketing drives lead generations and conversions in volumes when utilized correctly. Adberry Social Media Marketing course will lead you to reach a larger audience in a short time as well as grow your business rapidly. If you want to start a career in SMM, with Adberry Consulting help, you can give yourself a career boost.

  • Learn with the field experts with professional experience of over 15 years
  • Highly concentrated classes with exclusive resources
  • Get a practical experience with Live projects and training.
  • Use the premium social media marketing tools like Buffer, SproutSocial, Sendible, Social Pilot, Buzzsumo, VidIQ, Camtasia, Social Blade, Youtube Studio, Hootsuite and many more.
  • Get detailed insights into social media marketing using metrics and analytics.
  • Immersive coaching about social media strategy, social media trends, content marketing,
  • Get a Certificate of Completion.
  • Learn practically by enrolling for internships and live projects
  • Receive additional training for job interviews concerning technical and soft skill training for job seekers.
  • 100% Job Placement Assistance.


  • Free Demo
  • 100% job Assistance
  • Flexible Timing
  • Realtime Project Work
  • Learn From Experts
  • Get Certified
  • Place your career
  • Reasonable fees
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • High-quality content and Class videos
  • Learning Management System
  • Full lifetime access

Social Media Marketing Tools

A social media marketing is a great way for businesses to increase their visibility and reach. There are so many tools available these days, and it can be not easy knowing what will work best with your company’s needs! But don’t worry- we’ve got you covered here at Adberry. We will teach you some of the best tools which are up to date with the technology and are currently used in the market. These are the tools that you will learn.

Social Media Marketing Course Curriculum

Adberry is the best digital marketing institute in Bhubneshwar and a leading provider of Social Media Marketing courses, with more than 15 years of experience in the field. We offer expert guidance to teach your business how best to leverage these channels for success – from creating content that will appeal across various demographics and networks, all while maintaining an authentic personality online! Take advantage today by completing the course. You won’t regret it!Social media platforms allow various tactics and strategies to showcase personal and business Knack. Social media has altered the way we live in society, and it is revolutionary for businesses and marketers.

Social Media Marketing Fundamentals

  • What is Social Media?
  • Knowledge of Social Media Platforms.
  • Perks of Social Media
  • How Social Media performs a pivotal role in today’s world?
  • Goals and Objectives of Social Media Marketing
  • Social Media Platforms useful in marketing
  • Tools to use in Social Media Marketing
  • Lead generation and website traffic through Social Media Marketing
  • Funnel of Buyer’s journey in Social Media Marketing

Content Marketing Fundamentals

Students will also learn the importance of content techniques used to draw the audience’s attention and engagement by creating and sharing relevant videos, articles, blogs, podcasts, and other forms of Social media. This method establishes credibility and brand recognition. Content is considered a king of Social media platforms.

  • Learn the difference between created and curated content.
  • Content creation through Images. e.g. images, infographics, carousels
  • Content delivery through Videos. e.g. Youtube videos, Instagram reels, Instagram videos, Facebooks videos.
  • Informative/ detailed content creation (Blogs, Articles)
  • Understanding of Content Marketing Funnels

Content Types & its Fundamentals

This module serves the essential idea of which type of content should be placed on which platform to position it strategically and how we can create content according to the right type of social media strategy.

  • Pinterest: images, infographics
  • Instagram: images, carousels, reels, videos
  • Snapchat: images, video
  • Facebook: images, videos, articles
  • Twitter: articles, debate, discussion forums
  • Tumblr: short articles, blogs
  • LinkedIn: blogs, articles, surveys, discussion forums, business content
  • Youtube: video content

This module will also teach you different ad strategies for different social media sites.

  • Facebook Ad
  • Instagram Ads
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • Twitter Ads
  • Snapchat ads

Curating Content and Image Creation Fundamentals

Content curation refers to the process of gathering, locating and presenting online content related to the subject of interest. Content curation is becoming an essential marketing strategy for many businesses with a successful online presence.

  • How to Curate Content: Strategies, Tactics and Process
  • Images and Video
  • Articles and Blogs
  • Curated Content for “The Secret Garden”

How to present content in the form of an image and create compelling images using tools like

  • Canva
  • Crello
  • Pablo

Blog and Content Creation Fundamentals

Blogs are online write-ups available on a site, and the blog’s content generally includes text. A blog may exist merely for personal use, sharing data with a select group or engaging the target audience.

  • Content frameworks
  • Headline & image
  • Content upgrades
  • Headline copywriting
  • Finding blog topics
  • Strategies to rank blogs

Content calendars help create a content strategy & schedule your posts for the social media sites. You can schedule your posts for the dates and times per the analytics.

Social Listening Fundamentals

Social listening is tracking keywords and mentions and understanding your customers and industries. It helps generate new leads connect with your followers to find out what they’re talking about the product/service or a brand.

  • Introduction to social listening
  • Monitoring social media
  • Facebook Groups
  • Tweetdeck and social listening through Tweetdeck

It is very important to have a measurement plan for your social media campaign. A measurement plan will help you to know whether a campaign is working or not. This course will teach you the following:

  • Introduction to social media analytics
  • Data-Driven analytics
  • Facebook Analytics
  • Facebook Insights
  • Key metrics and dimensions
  • Twitter Analytics
  • LinkedIn Analytics


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Social Media Marketing Course Certification
The Brandveda certification for social media marketing course is designed to help you learn about the ins and outs of using all major platforms. You will be able to use your new skillset not only inside work but also outside, giving potential employers even more reason why they should hire someone with expertise in digital networking! At our academy, we provide an esteemed certificate which adds a lot of value on top personality-wise.

Frequently Asked Questions

Social media platforms allow various tactics and strategies to showcase personal and business Knack. Social media has altered the way we live in society, and it is revolutionary for businesses and marketers.

Social Media Marketing utilizes social platforms to market the product or service or even brand building. Social media marketing drives the lead generations and conversions in volumes nationally and internationally if employed accurately.

In this course, we will cover all the aspects of social media marketing and advertising, How to generate more traffic on websites through Social Media, How to leverage Social media to get leads without bearing any cost or marginal costing, how to use a particular social media marketing strategy.

Adberry caters the highest value to the social media marketing aspirants by giving exploration to the tools listed below:
Social Blade
YouTube Studio
Tubular Insights
Keyword Tool


Once you complete the Social Media Marketing course, Adberry will assist you in getting placed. We are sure that once you enroll for this course, you will feel that this is the right social media course that will give you many opportunities to start your career in this field.

Adberry Social Media Marketing course includes strategies, tactics, tools used for Social Media Marketing. You will learn all the social media platforms and also learn to advertise on these platforms. With enough practice, you will be able to strategize and conduct various social media marketing campaigns with efficiency.

Adberry provides 100% job assistance after completing the Social Media Marketing cour; we have industry partners and collaborations that give our students opportunities.

Yes, Adberry offers internship opportunities with real-time projects and hands-on experience on Social Media tools. Yes, Social Media Marketing course covers knowledge of paid and unpaid tools and offers trial versions.